Meet the Team: Savannah Matus, General Manager at Belle Vue

04 February 2021

Savannah Matus

Next in our Meet the Team series, we introduce Savannah Matus, General Manger at Belle Vue who shares her experience of starting her new role in lockdown 1.0 and how she is enjoying being part of the growing Belle Vue community.

What do you like the most about working at the Belle Vue community?

What’s exciting about my role is that no two days are the same!

I am a people’s person and I have always loved working in customer facing positions across a variety of roles from cabin crew to a nursery teacher; I really like the fact that I can continue to enjoy this  at Belle Vue.

I’ve also learnt so much from some of our homeowners who have had very exciting life experiences; they have so much to share and I look forward to learning more from them.

Is there anything in particular you like about the area of Hampstead?

Hampstead is such an iconic destination in London which I cannot wait to explore fully once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

I really enjoy the tranquil and modern energy of the area and have been lucky enough to be able to exercise daily at Hampstead Heath Park which is located just minutes away from Belle Vue.

How have you been helping owners throughout lockdown?

Lockdown has affected everyone in some way and at Belle Vue, all our communal activities have had to be put on hold which is unfortunate but necessary to keep everyone safe.

For me, it has been really rewarding to be able to support our community through these tough times and help them adapt to this new temporary way of living. For example, I have been busy helping homeowners to organise their food deliveries and small tasks around their apartments whilst also spending a lot of time speaking and checking in with them all to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable. .

Do you have any positive stories that you could share from working at Hampstead throughout lockdown?

Despite now being lockdown 3.0, the Belle Vue community has really pulled together to help each other during the lockdown.

One of our homeowners has put together a Belle Vue community newsletter with content from all homeowners to keep each other informed with amazing stories, illustrations and book reviews which has been very inspiring.

All our homeowners have also had their vaccinations now which has certainly lifted spirits around the community.

What are your plans for Belle Vue post lockdown?

Once we regain a sense of normality, I am really looking forward to arranging some activities for the Belle Vue community.

I have plans to start some walking groups for the homeowners and to also invite local authors for an art series to include book reviews, poetry and play workshops. We are all looking forward to the days we can come together once again and enjoying the wonderful benefits of Belle Vue and its surrounds!


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