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Crafting an experience

You are our inspiration

The unique personalities and interests of the people who live in our communities inspire us every day to create incredible experiences and services. Each of our communities offers a lifestyle influenced by its location and those living there. Every community puts an equal and unfaltering emphasis on quality. 

Steepleton Lounge

'Moving into Steepleton was the ideal move for me, on my own but still very active. It has been wonderful to find many new friends and a busy new life, particularly among my fellow residents.'

Harold Porter

Steepleton Owner

The Vincent Health Centre Swimming Pool



To promote your health and wellbeing, some of our developments feature spas, swimming pools and steam rooms, while others provide massages, alternative therapies and beauty treatments. When it comes to food, we work closely with our restaurant operators to deliver high-quality fresh food, serving seasonal menus in beautiful surroundings. 


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Our restaurants serve fresh, organic, local and seasonal food to nourish body and soul.


Food and Drink
Pegasus Staff

Dedication and excellence are the watchwords for our helpful Lifehosts

Service & Hosts
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Helping people to feel good, both emotionally and physically, is our priority.