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If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, our friendly and knowledgeable sales managers will be happy to answer your questions.

We firmly believe that the years after 60 can be some of the best of your life. We offer residents a secure, flexible and high quality place to call home, where we take care of the hardest parts of managing a home so that residents have the freedom to enjoy life. We understand the emotional journeys people will be making as they approach the decision to move to a Pegasus Homes community and aim to make the process as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. Our teams are professional, understanding and passionate about helping you make the transition to a Pegasus Homes community.

Pegasus Homes specialises in independent living for those aged over 60, meaning you must be able to live independently to live within our communities. Guidance and support is available however, and should you need light levels of care, in certain communities we are happy to help facilitate that as we have good relationships with many care providers across the country. It is important for customers to understand that we are not a 'care home' and cannot provide the level of specialist support that would be available with a care home provider.

The age may differ between each community depending on the planning permission obtained, but the primary occupier must be over 60 to live in a Pegasus Homes community.

A Pegasus Homes community is only suitable if you are able to live independently. Should there be any concerns regarding the ability to live happily and comfortably in our communities, we encourage you to discuss this with us to ensure that what we can provide is suitable. All residents will have a meeting with a member of the onsite team prior to making any decisions, this is the perfect opportunity to share any worries you may have with living at one of our communities. If there are any further concerns, our specialist Wellbeing Manager will meet with the customer to assess.

For those who will be renting, there will also be a financial assessment undertaken before a reservation deposit is taken, to ensure that any potential resident has the means to live in our communities and can continue to live comfortably. For those looking to purchase, we require proof of funds.

We only create new homes and communities in the most sought after locations in England in the city, towns, villages and the coast. From London to Bristol, the Cotswolds to the South coast, Cornwall to Newcastle, we have communities in many locations. Click here to see all locations.

Depending on the community you are considering and subject to availability, we offer homes available to purchase or to rent, giving you the choice to decide what is best for you.

Generally, if you purchase your home, your monthly outgoings will likely be lower than if you were renting (unless you have a mortgage to pay). However if you rent your home, you have more flexibility and do not have the responsibility of selling your home should your circumstances change.

There are many more benefits to each option and our helpful Sales teams will be happy to discuss your requirements with you to find the most suitable option for you.

Yes, you can purchase a home with a mortgage. There are different mortgage products available for those over 60, please speak to your lender or financial advisor for more information.

Yes they can. Provided the person living in the community meets the requirements (such as being able to live independently and is over 60), a friend or family member can fund the purchase for you.

It depends on the community you are choosing to live in. The vast majority of our homes are completed before you purchase, and you are able to make an appointment with our sales team to see the available apartments. There is a 'pre-sales' period when a new community launches, when you can reserve an apartment before it officially completes.

Yes, we can offer part exchange through a third party provider. We can help and support in making the introduction but are not directly involved in the process.

We offer residents an Assured Tenancy Agreement (AT). This agreement gives much greater security than an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement, which is more common in the wider property industry. Our tenancy agreement provides a minimum rental term of 12 months, but the tenant is able to stay in the property for as long as they wish, provided they comply with the agreements, conditions and the criteria for living in our communities. In the unlikely event you should you wish to leave, you only need to give us one months' notice after the first 12 months.

Yes, in order to reserve your chosen apartment we will take a reservation fee if you are purchasing your home. The amount of the fee will vary depending on the size of the apartment and the community you wish to live in. If you are renting your new home, we will take a reservation fee and a deposit to the value of five weeks rent.

For those purchasing their home, the reservation fee will come off the cost of the property at legal completion.

If the apartment is ready and all necessary checks have been completed satisfactorily, you could be in your new home within weeks. We are flexible to your situation and should it take longer, we will not rush you. If you are selling your existing home to fund the purchase, the timing will be dependant on the sale of your property.

We have a panel of solicitors that previous customers have used who we can recommend. The benefit of using one of the solicitors from the panel is they will be familiar with the process of buying a later living apartment and we can contribute towards the legal fees, but you are under no obligation to use them; you are free to use your own solicitors and we do not receive any commission if you chose to use one from the panel.

Yes! We understand the emotional journey our customers may be taking when making the decision to move. We know that you may be moving from a larger home and will need help to 'rightsize'. We offer a complimentary moving service through Aprico who can help you declutter and downsize, and then help you pack up and move in to your new home.

We even offer the services of a handyman when you move in to help put up pictures and move things to your liking. This is part of the service at Pegasus Homes.

Yes, everyone who lives in our communities regardless if they own or rent, will need to contribute to the service charge.

The amount will differ in each community, depending on the facilities available and the number of homes. You can find out more by reading our guide to service charge here.

Ground Rents for new homes were abolished by the Government from 1st April 2023. The Government has consulted upon reducing existing Ground Rents to peppercorn, but this was not brought forward in the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act 2024. Pegasus Homes will comply with any changes in legislation regarding ground rents and if there is a change, will write to all existing residents who pay a ground rent to inform them of the change and when it applies from.

Not at Pegasus Homes. We do not believe it is fair for later living operators to charge up to 30% of the purchase price of an apartment when someone decides to, or needs to leave. We are proud that we will not charge exit or event fees should you leave our communities.

Yes we can. We have a specialist Rental and Resales team with many years of experience in the rental market and know our communities very well. We often have a database of people who wish to live in our communities and are on the wait list for when a suitable apartment arises, and so there is a benefit to using our team, however no obligation. Agency fees do apply, please speak to the team for more information.

If you rented your apartment and have given notice to leave, as soon as you vacate there is nothing left to pay.

If you own your property, you or your next of kin will be responsible for keeping up payments until there is a new owner.

It is likely that service charge will increase yearly, in line with inflation and market rates. Please refer to the service charge guide for more information.

Yes, if you own your apartment and your circumstances change, you are able to rent it out privately to another person who meets the occupancy criteria. However if you rent, you cannot sublet the apartment.

You cannot rent out the apartment on a short term basis, any rental needs a minimum term of at least 6 months.

No. Anything inside your home, including utilities, contents insurance, TV licence etc, will need to be covered by you and is not included in the service charge.

We want to be as transparent as possible to our customers. We understand it can be daunting to make a move like this so will be open and upfront about any costs needed.

Aside from service charge and rent (if applicable), there are no other costs to pay Pegasus Homes.

The assessments that are undertaken at reservation are done to ensure that a Pegasus community is right for you and you can afford to live here.

At Pegasus Homes we pride ourselves on the quality of design, build and finish. We work with nationally acclaimed architects to design the buildings and homes, award winning interior designers and will only specify high quality finishes and appliances.

No, the homes are not furnished, but we are happy to introduce you to interior designers we have worked with.

Generally, new build homes are much more energy efficient than older homes. They are built with modern, sustainable methods of construction, are well insulated and have double glazed windows that help to mitigate heat loss. Our homes are also equipped with efficient appliances and heating systems, LED lighting and have been designed to maximise natural light, so it is likely energy bills would be lower in a new build home than an older home.

The majority of our homes have an EPC 'B' rating.

We aim to deliver all homes within our communities to comply with M4(2) standards, which are Accessible and Adaptable dwellings. A number of communities also include homes that meet M4(3) standards, that are fully wheelchair accessible.

Communal areas, external spaces and circulation spaces are all fully wheelchair accessible, with wide and level thresholds, step free access and communal lifts.

All of our communities have communal gardens for our residents to enjoy, some have allotments and gardening clubs. The majority of our homes have some private outdoor space such as a balcony, but this does depend on each community. Please speak to our sales team to discuss your requirements.

You are able to decorate your home however you wish and make certain adjustments to tailor to your own tastes, however you cannot make any structural changes. If you own your home and wish to make more substantial changes such as a new kitchen or bathroom, there is an alteration request process which must be followed. Please speak to the sales teams or on-site teams if you want any further information.

Of course! Your home in a Pegasus community is just that, your home, and you are free to have guests over as you would in your previous home. If you want guests to stay the night and either don't have a spare room or just want some privacy, some of our communities have guest suites that are beautifully dressed with an ensuite and coffee/ tea making facilities. These are charged per night at very reasonable rates and must be booked in advance, please speak to the on-site teams for more information.

Yes, like most new build homes we offer a warranty with either NHBC or Premier.

Absolutely, one of the biggest benefits to living in a Pegasus home is the community that you will be a part of. Our on-site teams organise activities from coffee mornings and film nights, yoga and tai chi, to trips away, you can get involved as much or as little as you wish.

The majority of our communities have shared spaces which are maintained through the service charge. We want to create spaces that help facilitate a real community, but also places for residents to go if they just want a change of scene from their own home. Our communities could include a communal lounge, a hobby room and gardens. Some of our communities also have more luxurious facilities such as a swimming pool or spa, some also have cafes and restaurants. Every community is different.

Yes, the on-site team meet with every customer before they complete on the reservation. This is partly to make sure that the customer meets our criteria such as being able to live independently, but also for the customer to meet them and ask any questions they may have on the community.

Depending on the community and the planning permission obtained, there may be parking available. Please speak to the sales team for more information on each community.

Yes, we understand that our pets are part of the family and welcome well behaved pets to our communities. You do need to let us know in advance if you want to bring your companion and you must adhere to our policy on pets. Whilst unlikely, we reserve the right to refuse if a pet would cause any safety or wellbeing concerns for the community.

Yes, however pets are not allowed in the communal spaces and cannot stay in the guest suites.

Yes, the safety and security of our residents is fundamental and we operate CCTV around our buildings and in many cases, within the communal spaces.

Apartments feature video entry systems and a Tunstall Response system, providing monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Tunstall Response Operators are highly trained and understand the diverse needs of the people they support. Each resident will receive a personal alarm pendant when they move in and the onsite team will demonstrate how the system works.

Depending on the size of the community, the amount of staff will differ.

We provide a care monitoring line via Tunstall that offers 24 hour support remotely.

The on-site teams will have a spare key to every apartment. The keys are securely stored and will never be given out to anyone without your permission. We will never enter your home without your permission unless in an emergency.

Every apartment has a smoke and heat alarm, which the team will carry out inspections of to ensure they are in good working order. The communal spaces also have smoke alarms and there are fire doors on every corridor and on communal spaces and front doors.

When a resident joins our communities they are given a thorough briefing on the building and any safety measures, including the fire evacuation process. Should there be any concerns regarding being able to evacuate their apartment in the event of a fire, residents should raise this with the onsite teams as soon as possible so that an Evacuation plan can be put in place.

Part of the criteria for living in one of our communities is that you are able to live independently however, should your circumstances change we are here to support you. There are many reasons why someone may find that they are no longer able to live independently and the levels of support required can vary. Residents should keep the onsite team up-to-date with any changes in circumstances as there are local support services available (e.g. cleaning, mobility aids, grocery delivery, domicilary care providers etc.) and we are happy to signpost you to these services, but note these are not available in house and would be at an additional cost.

We will support residents to find ways to live independently for as long as possible, the safety and wellbeing of our residents and communities is of key importance. If, even with support in place, a resident is no longer benefiting from an independent living environment, our Customer Wellbeing Manager can help support residents and their families in what other options may be available.

Every person and every situation is different and we will always approach each case with understanding and respect.

A Tunstall pendant is included with your apartment upon moving in which will be set up and ready to use as soon as the relevant form is completed and issued to the on-site team. Additional or replacement pendants can be requested at an additional charge. Your on-site team can help you set up your details when you move in.