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Why choose a Pegasus home?

At Pegasus Homes, we strive to ensure that our residents love where they live, that they are proud of their homes and surroundings and feel secure, content and optimistic when they live in a Pegasus community. 

We passionately believe that the years over sixty should be some of the best of our lives; we support our communities with the day to day hassles of life so that they can truly embrace living. 

We offer our customers a choice of how they want to live in their homes, either purchasing outright, or through our pioneering new rental model. Both are designed to ease the stresses of moving home and to maximise life’s enjoyment.

Choose hassle-free living at a Pegasus Homes community across England

Browse our growing portfolio of communities in the UK’s most inspiring locations, from Bath to Hampstead, Newcastle and Falmouth.

"The apartment is of an exceptional quality, and its energy-efficiency features and modern facilities really stood out to us; it was exactly what we were looking for." Pegasus Homes Resident - Wooburn Bales
"It’s very quiet. Our upstairs neighbour is building an island and we haven’t heard a thing! The insulation is really good. We wanted somewhere nice, safe and convenient and this ticks all the boxes." Pegasus Homes Resident - Leyton Road
"Everything you need is nearby - nice pubs, great restaurants, hotels and a medical centre right in the centre of town. I couldn’t wish for anything better. There is warmth here in the community." Pegasus Homes Resident - Steepleton