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Principles of Design

Our 6 Principles of Design

When we design buildings, we consider much more than just physical locations. We also think about the lifestyles that will develop within its spaces, and how our buildings can support the needs of each person living there. We have created six design principles to guide us in creating places and spaces of exceptional quality.

Kerb Appeal

Kerb Appeal Chapelwood

First impressions count. Aesthetically, our schemes suit their context while making a bold statement that makes you proud of your address. Having stepped through the front door, we hope that you add to these first positive impressions as you move through the community’s flowing internal spaces. This journey is the cornerstone of our design process.

Flexible and Intuitive

Flexible and Intuitive Steepleton

We believe your home should change to fit your needs, rather than making you work around its limits. Our interiors are designed to serve your changing requirements. We also pay attention to details such as WIFI and lighting controls. Everything we do is designed to be intuitive and simple to use.

Home as Sanctuary

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Every home should be a retreat from the outside world – a space that feels safe, comforting and uplifting. All our homes are designed with this in mind, and we consider how each space relates to the others, producing the experience of home as sanctuary.

Designed for Life

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We design for people, their possessions and their passions. Our designers take great care to provide ample storage for the treasures and keepsakes that our Pegasus homeowners and members want to have with them and that enable their hobbies. We use robust materials and fixtures that stand up to everyday use, and that age well.



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How people feel in body and mind is central to our design ethos. Spatial attributes such as proportion and light can make all the difference towards feeling uplifted and joyful. Throughout the design process, we encourage our architects to create spaces that evoke joy and delight.

Social Interaction

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We aim to create close-knit communities. All shared spaces – including gardens, lounges, entrance lobbies, hallways, leisure areas and service spaces – are designed to present opportunities for planned or spontaneous social interaction.

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We have over 30 communities, located in beautiful settings across England – from Newcastle to Cornwall. Whether in a picturesque village, market town or vibrant city, all our communities are close to shops, green spaces and transport links. This gives you the choice to enjoy local life or explore further afield with ease.


Our Philosophy

Creating outstanding homes, communities and services by uniting the UK’s leading designers, academics, creative thinkers and producers.

Our Purpose
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We're very proud to be recognised for the innovation and quality of our developments. 

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Every aspect of a Pegasus community is designed to enhance the wellbeing and social lives of those living there.