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International Women's Day 2024

08 March 2024

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International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day! We are proud to celebrate the inspiring journeys of Gemma, Chloe, and Grace at Pegasus Homes. These are three brilliant women who have worked hard to rise through the ranks with the support of everyone at Pegasus Homes. 

Gemma’s career story underscores the significance of seizing opportunities, embracing challenges, and being nurtured in an inclusive and supportive workplace. 

“After 15 years in the dynamic world of retail management, I embarked on a new path in Human Resources, driven by a desire for personal and professional growth.

In 2014, I joined an HR consultancy that partnered with Pegasus Life (as it was then known) and had the opportunity to collaborate with the Group Sales & Marketing Director, aiding in the establishment of a rapidly expanding department. I delved into the nuances of the industry, leveraging my transferable skills and commitment to both internal and external customers. 

A pivotal moment presented itself in 2017 when the Group Sales & Marketing Director extended a direct position as Regional Sales Manager - a proposition that seemed beyond reach given my lack of industry experience. However, her belief in my potential, emphasising the importance of attitude and aptitude over conventional qualifications fueled my confidence to accept the opportunity.

Stepping into the role, I embraced a steep learning curve with determination and resilience. Through the guidance of mentors and the support of colleagues, I navigated challenges, refined my skills, and contributed to the growth of Pegasus's sales department. With dedication and perseverance, I earned the trust of senior management, and am now part of the Leadership team, having been promoted to Sales Director for the prestigious London Prime region.

My journey at Pegasus has been marked by a culture of empowerment, where individuals are valued for their potential and contributions, regardless of gender or background. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I've received from exceptional colleagues  - a testament to the organisation's commitment to fostering talent and inclusivity.
As I reflect on the past seven years, I am proud to witness the diverse tapestry of women represented across every level of the company, comprising over 60% of the workforce and extending to boardroom leadership. 

On International Women's Day, I celebrate the collective strides towards gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace. Together, we continue to champion diversity, empower women, defy stereotypes and break through glass ceilings as we pave the way for future generations of women in leadership.”

Chloe started as an Apprentice in 2020 when she was 18, being her first “real” job. 

“After the first year of a two year apprenticeship, Lifestory offered me a full time position in the Finance department. With Pegasus Homes’ assistance, I have completed my AAT qualification in 2023 and with this a promotion to Management Accountant. 

I am progressing through my CIMA qualification, to become a Chartered Management Accountant by 2026. Pegasus Homes has been a very supportive employer giving me the opportunity to progress in my career and develop professionally. The best and most unexpected thing that I have developed is my confidence. I can remember my very first day at my job being so shy and nervous, thinking that everyone is so much smarter than I am, that I had made the wrong decision, that this was not the career for me. But now, since completing AAT and having 3 years of work experience under my belt, I can confidently say I was wrong. 

Presenting information to my managers and even the CFO is now a regular occurrence, when before it was not even a thought that crossed my mind. I can speak my ideas and not feel like I’m saying the wrong thing, I can joke with colleagues and join conversations without hesitation. It’s been a long road to get to this point, and there’s much more I can do and learn, but I’m extremely proud of the person who I have become.”

Grace joined Renaissance Retirement in 2018 as an administration apprentice. 

“At this point, I started working at the Winchester office within the Legal department where I completed my apprenticeship. After completing this course Lifestory then offered me the opportunity to train as a Paralegal through the Cilex platform on a two year course. I completed this course in September 2022 while working within the company. 

Since qualifying I have much more autonomy in my daily role and have been given wider responsibilities in the Legal aspects of Plot Sales, Resales, Rental Transfers and other areas that fall within my remit. Since qualifying and with the support of Lifestory I can say that I have developed my confidence.  My journey since joining Lifestory has given me a greater degree of self-worth, a sense of achievement and much greater opportunity in my career as I continue to progress.”

Cheers to these incredible women and to continuing the journey towards gender equality and empowerment in the workplace.