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Wellbeing is our greatest asset

Life is so much better when we feel good, leaving us free to embrace opportunities and really enjoy ourselves. 

We follow the science when creating communities and services, harnessing the healing power of nature in our landscaped gardens, and designing to encourage deeper social connections – both proven to enhance health, happiness and longevity.

Our Pegasus Customer Operations team including dedicated Lifesthosts will get to know you personally, learning your needs and preferences to help craft a tailored experience of the community and its facilities.

The Vincent Gym

Wellness is a lifestyle.

Our communities provide an incredible range of wellbeing facilities, including spas, gyms, saunas, steam rooms, hydrotherapy pools, massage rooms and movement studios with fun classes. We help wellness to become a way of life, not just an occasional treat.

Exercising is not everyone’s cup of tea, and conventional gyms can be intimidating. We design our fitness rooms to feel approachable, using pneumatically driven equipment, making the entire workout experience more attractive.

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Introducing our wellbeing partners, providers of our amazing services and products.

PL Food and Drink

Get a flavour of our delicious local, seasonal food, chosen to nourish body and soul.

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We bring together the country’s leading designers, academics, creative thinkers and producers to create unique communities with wellbeing at their heart.


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Contact us today for more information about retirement living at Pegasus, our developments and services. You can also contact us to arrange a viewing with a sales manager.

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We have compiled answers to some frequently asked questions to help you find what you are looking for.

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