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Wellbeing directly affects our thoughts and feelings.

Taking care of ourselves calms stress, reduces illness and enhances happiness. The knowledge that we are taking action to look after ourselves helps us to feel good and boosts our self-esteem, even if every problem cannot be eradicated.

Wellbeing is a complex mix that includes how fit we are (which can affect our ability to pursue and enjoy our interests), as well as our emotional and spiritual development. 

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Discovering yourself more deeply

Your talents, experiences, and take on the world are unique to you. At Pegasus, we value you as an individual and want to create an environment that nurtures you, giving you the time, space, facilities and support to follow your passions, rediscover old dreams, make new ones, and become ever more yourself. 

We also believe in the importance of feeling connected to others and being part of something bigger than ourselves. This is why we shape our communities around beautiful shared facilities that encourage people to meet, eat, drink, laugh, chat and enjoy life together.

Our Wellness Facilities

Our services are designed to prevent or delay the onset of ailments and illness, and to create opportunities for greater connection with ourselves and those around us. The experienced staff are also able to offer practical help for those living with critical health conditions.

Herbal Sauna

PL Chapelwood Sauna

A therapeutic radiating heat featuring potent herbs makes this a great anti-inflammatory treatment and muscle relaxant. Herbal saunas provide pain relief, reduce stress and improve sleep. They also boost circulation, helping temperature regulation.

Salt Steam Room

PL OBR Steam

A cleansing and purifying space that uses the healing power of salt to promote healthy internal pH levels. The salt steam room helps stabilise blood sugar levels, supports respiratory health, eases asthma and allergies, opens airways, promotes bone strength and aids skin radiance and clarity.

Hydrotherapy Pool

PL Chapelwood Hydrotherapy Pool

Warm, therapeutic water massage is perfect for easing joint, muscle and nerve aches and pains. As well as boosting circulation and immunity, hydrotherapy pools are known for helping with mental relaxation, easing depression, boosting circulation and improving sleep.

Tepidarium Loungers

PL OBR T Loungers

Therapeutic chairs designed to promote physical ease, mental relaxation and peaceful contemplation.

Keiser Gym

The Vincent Keiser Equipment

An approachable and friendly space that invites you to have a go, on easy-to-use equipment that uses hydraulics – negating the need for intimidating weight stacks. Weight-bearing exercise is known to improve bone density and enhance confidence.

Our Therapy Suites

PL Belle Vue Treatment Room

A versatile, sensory space equipped for therapists to provide hands-on treatments that nourish and nurture. Our therapists use the latest innovations and discoveries in complementary and alternative therapies to give you the greatest benefit.

Movement Studio

PL Belle Vue Stretch Studio

Our well-equipped movement studios offer flexible spaces that can host groups and individuals, with a choice of fun, dynamic and relaxing movement sessions, as well as mindfulness classes, which are known to reduce anxiety and depression.

Natural Pool

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Fantastic for heart and circulatory health, and offering a power-boost for the immune system, our natural pools stimulate endorphin release and libido, and reduce stress.

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Every day, we make sure our homeowners and rental members can enjoy an exceptional experience of our facilities and services. We carefully select wellbeing partners on the basis of shared values, with our customers at the heart of what they do.  

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Every aspect of a Pegasus community is designed to enhance the wellbeing and social lives of those who live there.

PL Food and Drink

Get a flavour of our delicious local, seasonal food that nourishes body and soul.

Food and Drink
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Partnering with the CQC-registered Domiciliary Care Agency Helping Hands, we work to create the right care package to meet your needs, where required.

Care Options