'Alone we are strong, together we are stronger'

21 April 2020

VE Day at PegasusLife Steepleton

Watch our Moments of Thoughtfulness video series which highlights some of the fantastic ways community spirit has stayed strong during recent months! 

‘Alone we are strong, together we are stronger’ is a phrase that’s been shared and spoken a lot about during the current health pandemic and that’s because it’s true! The sense of coming together and uniting to get through this is ever prevalent across communities up and down the country. Community spirit and support is something that has always run through our company veins and our employees, owners, and communities. 

We strongly believe in creating new communities within the new homes we build as well as extending existing communities to bring people together. We want to make a positive and lasting difference within both existing and newly created communities.  

That’s why our relationship with our owners doesn’t finish once we’ve handed over the keys. We pride ourselves on our varying initiatives across our Anthology, PegasusLife and Renaissance Retirement developments. This ongoing relationship and community spirit has outdone itself over recent weeks too with socially distant coffee mornings amongst owners, hosts moving into developments to ensure owners are safe and well during lockdown, #clapforNHS evenings being heard across the towns from our developments and local suppliers ensuring our owners have the groceries they need.  

Meet the neighbours  

At Lifestory we think it’s really important for new neighbours to have opportunities to meet each other when they move in, whether it’s a first time buyer moving into their new home or a couple downsizing in later life, everyone appreciates getting to know their neighbours.  

And in the hustle and bustle of the capital combined with busy work schedules, after work drinks and meals with friends or visiting family makes meeting your neighbours difficult. So when Anthology Deptford Foundry was ready for the new owners to move in the team hosted a summer BBQ for the new owners to meet each other and get to know their new neighbours.  

The Anthology team have also held regular Big Lunches across the London developments in line with The Big Lunch UK initiative. These events enabled new owners to meet each other and the wider community by providing a platform of tasty food and tipples to get people chatting in a communal space. Through each of these events new friendships have been made between owners and the local community.  

Across our PegasusLife and Renaissance Retirement developments the team ensure new owners have the opportunity to meet each other on moving in days or new owner coffee mornings and we’ve seen new friendships and companionship formed which is especially important for new owners that are moving into their home by themselves.  

Whilst we’ve had to press pause on new owners moving in and neighbourly events we can see how these previous neighbour events have benefitted our owners in the current climate with their new friendships and support network just a few steps away from their own front door.  

“It is rare in this day and age to come across a caring developer who pays particular attention to detail and quality of life for residents and the community at large” – DB, resident at Hoxton Press 

New home, new friends, new hobbies  

For new owners moving into our PegasusLife and Renaissance Retirement developments it might be quite a different experience as many have left a house behind to move into an apartment so it’s a new environment to enjoy. That’s why our hosts and concierge teams are so important and valued.  

“The best thing of course – the charming hosts. They are all very personable and it’s nice to have them around” – Alinde and John, Moors Nook owners  

The hosts work with our owners to hold a variety of community events which bring the owners together if they wish to make new friends or simply spend time chatting with others without having to leave the comfort of the development. Coffee mornings in communal lounges with tasty treats from local suppliers are always popular along with fish and chip nights! All of which have the added benefit of introducing the owners to great local suppliers and bringing the local community together with ours.  

Bridge evenings, film nights and musical get togethers regularly take place across the developments with suggestions from owners varying and always accommodated where possible for everyone to enjoy. The team also like to organise something a bit special such as theatre trips so the owners can enjoy a wonderful evening out with the transport and logistics not a worry. We also like to invite local artists, florists, and individuals in to host events and workshops for our owners so they can learn a new skill or be introduced to a new hobby.  

Each of the activities, events or small get togethers enable the community of a development to thrive and it’s always fantastic to see the communal spaces busy with the owners making the most of somewhere to spend time with new friends knowing they can retreat back to the comfort of their own home easily.  

“It has been wonderful to find many new friends and a busy new life, particularly among my fellow residents” – Harold Porter, Owner at Steepleton 

Stronger Together  

With our Stronger Together campaign we’ve taken new communities and friendships to a new level with the aim to bring generations together across the country! Whilst we’re not able to host our usual regular get togethers, events and activities we’ve reverted to good old pen and paper to extend communities and bring the fantastic community spirit into our PegasusLife and Renaissance Retirement developments.  

The campaign encourages young people to share a letter, story or drawing with us to pass onto our owners who are self-isolating and not able to see family and friends or go about their usual daily activities. We hope that these letters and pictures will share the joy and spread some more positivity amongst our communities during this difficult time and even create some new lasting friendships… watch this space!