Brin’s new home at Pegasus Cobham Bowers is ‘exactly what she needed’.

21 November 2022

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Brin, who has spent the majority of her life living in her hometown of Belfast, purchased a home at Pegasus Cobham Bowers in August to be closer to her sons. Having only recently discovered the town of Cobham, after one of her sons moved to the area, she has already found living in the community a very sociable and friendly experience. Previously living in much larger and less manageable properties, Brin expressed that her new home was ‘exactly what she needed’.

The top requirements, when searching for her new home, was having somewhere with a lot of light, space and a small garden. Her new ground floor home in Cobham ticks all of the boxes, with bright, light-filled rooms and an L shaped garden surrounding her lounge and kitchen. With a Waitrose, doctor’s surgery, a dentist and coffee shops all within walking distance, Brin has found Pegasus Cobham Bowers to be in a great location, with Ocado and Amazon delivery on hand for the heavier items.

The smaller space has also allowed for Brin’s home to be a lot more manageable, “I moved over to Wiltshire first, to be near one son after I became widowed, and I bought a four bedroom house with a large garden. I don't know why, because it was too large! My home in Belfast had an acre of grass and this had half an acre to look after! 

I came to Cobham at Christmas and I had a look around at smaller homes that would be closer to my son. We saw this and thought - that is perfect!”.

“For one, my family can go on holiday and never have to worry about me. The space is a good size and I have two bedrooms, with my second bedroom used as a space for doing crafts. I’m into miniatures on a 12th downsized scale, so I have one room to work on my miniatures and if anyone wants to stay, it’s great because I can just rent out the guest room here.”

With a group of friends introducing Brin to the world of miniatures when she was in her 30s, this passion has continued throughout her life - “I thought it was the best thing ever! The mentality of reducing everything down to a 12th scale and the precision of the craft suits me beautifully, because my background is in physics and maths.”

As a retired medical physicist, owner of a handmade knitted garments business with 600 workers under her, and in later years, a blue badge tour guide in Belfast, guiding trips to the Giants Causeway and local gardens (to name a few of the things that Brin has been involved with) Brin has additionally been enjoying the sociable aspect of Pegasus Cobham Bowers and sharing stories. With coffee mornings and sundowners in the Pavillion, organised by Lifehost Sheyda, Brin often meets with her neighbours and friends for a chat.

“I’ve made lots of friends here, it’s very friendly. Some afternoons I think, oh I’ll go and have a chat with somebody and you can wander to the pavilion and there’ll be someone around. That's the ideal thing here.”

“Quite a lot of the other ladies will say, let’s go into town and get a coffee, and it’s great with everything in the village so close by.”

With family also living in Cobham, Brin enjoys the fact that her son, daughter-in-law and grandsons can easily visit - and also love her new home. “This is the nice thing about here, the family are quite busy with football, cricket and school runs, but they can pop in here for a chat and there isn’t always the need to go somewhere else.” Playing bridge 3 times a week with an online club, Brin is also hoping to improve her Chess skills with other neighbours - after losing a game to her youngest grandson. With more neighbours moving into Pegasus Cobham Bowers, Brin is further looking forward to more classes and activities starting up.

“I would absolutely recommend this to a friend. I haven’t found anything wrong yet! We have a chiropodist and a hairdresser that comes here and it's brilliant. Sheyda the Lifehost is amazing too”.

Describing her home as ‘bright and light’, Brin has additionally found that by giving away some of her furniture to charity, she has kept her home feeling very spacious. Alongside the shared courtyard garden, which the pavilion opens onto, it was Brin’s smaller garden on the bottom floor which sold her the home. “I’m enjoying planting lots of things and there’s also no grass to cut - it’s wonderful!”

A stylish collection of bright and spacious open-plan one and two bedroom apartments in the heart of Cobham, available to buy or rent; the choice is completely up to you.

Less than 10 minutes away from Pegasus Cobham Bowers, the village of Cobham village offers an excellent selection of local shops and boutiques, a Waitrose supermarket, wine bars, cafés and restaurants. 

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