Celebrating Valentine's Day the Renaissance way

17 February 2022

Posted under: Community events

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Creating beautiful homes with a friendly and welcoming community right on your doorstep is at the heart of what we do at Renaissance. 

From hosting events to mark birthdays and annual celebration days, to ad hoc get-togethers over a coffee, it’s wonderful to see members of our communities spending time together as a group - and Valentine’s Day 2022 was no exception. 

In honour of Valentine’s Day, our communities came together to show that whether you celebrated the occasion with your spouse, family, friends or neighbours, everyone can enjoy the special day. 

Our Lifehosts, homeowners and tenants organised a number of events across our communities in the lead up to, and on the day, including a themed afternoon tea and a pianist performance, whilst others simply enjoyed a glass of fizz together in the shared lounge.

Read below to see how our different communities spent the day:


Renaissance Sandbanks Road, Poole


In coastal Poole at our Renaissance Sandbanks Road community, the Valentine’s celebrations started a week before the day itself! Lifehost Karen arranged for a ‘Tree of Love’ to be displayed in the shared lounge to mark the occasion which homeowners and tenants decorated with notes and pictures of things they loved, to share with one another.

On the day, the community enjoyed lunch together in the shared lounge with their ‘Tree of Love’ lit up and full of their photos and memories.



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Marlborough, Wiltshire


Over in Wiltshire, Marlborough homeowner Bob Bovington organised and hosted a Valentine’s afternoon event for the whole community to attend. Together they enjoyed a glass of fizz, chocolates, cupcakes decorated with a rose in icing, a special performance from pianist Sam Brown and there was even a red rose for everyone to take home. What a lovely way to spend Valentine's Day!



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Wharf Lane, Bourne End


In Bourne End, homeowners were greeted with a surprise morning delivery! Our lovely Lifehost Lisa shared the love at our Wharf Lane community with a Valentine’s gift for everyone. She personally delivered a single white rose and a delicious cupcake on the morning of Valentine’s Day to each of our Wharf Lane owners' front doors. 



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Sandhurst, Berkshire


Meanwhile, over in Berkshire our Sandhurst homeowners and tenants enjoyed a delightful cream tea complete with scones, clotted cream and jams, together in their shared lounge.




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From Dorset to Buckinghamshire, no matter which Renaissance apartment you call home, you’ll always be welcomed into a sociable and friendly community with events and friendships on your doorstep.


Whether you celebrated Valentine’s Day with a friend, family or partner, from all of us at Renaissance, we hope you had a lovely day!