Coming home to Poole after 62 years; homeowners Jackie and James Stevenson

06 January 2023

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Having lived across the UK throughout their 62 years of marriage in locations such as London, Scotland, Land’s End and Wales, Jackie and James Stevenson moved back to where it all began after finding Renaissance Sandbanks Road on Rightmove.


“Before we were married, we used to live in Bournemouth. We regularly came boating on Poole Park Lake which is now just a short walk from our home in Renaissance Sandbanks Road. It’s been 62 years since we’ve lived in this area and so much has changed but it’s nice as we still know our way around well.

“We decided to move back here as, as years have passed, most of our friends had departed, taken ill or moved closer to their family, so our circle of friends had been getting smaller and smaller. We’d both stopped driving too and we knew public transport was reliable in Poole. We also knew we wanted to move to a later living community where they’d always be people around. Since moving here, there’s not been a day that goes by where we don’t talk to somebody which is really nice.”

Jackie discovered Renaissance Sandbanks Road after looking on Rightmove and made an appointment to visit the community.

“We came down and stayed in a hotel in Bournemouth for three days and met with Angela (Renaissance Sales Advisor) who was brilliant. She took us on a tour of the community and showed us around what is now our apartment and we were very happy. The design of the building and the apartments are excellent; really nice and cosy.”

They chose to rent their new home so that their move was as seamless as possible.

“For us, the decision to rent was a huge benefit. We wanted to move in as soon as we could rather than having to wait until we sold our house. Choosing to rent meant we were able to do this. 

“We moved in October 2022 and felt settled straight away. It’s a way of life that really has suited us. During our first few days, everyone introduced themselves and asked if there was anything we needed. On the day we moved in, I came along for afternoon tea in the communal lounge. It was a full room and everyone was so friendly. The lady who lives next door to us introduced herself and told us if there was anything we needed to knock on her door, which I thought was really lovely. 

“It really is brilliant. The apartments themselves are lovely and have amazing soundproofing. Even with our bedroom window open we hear very little at all and you never hear the other apartments either which is really good. Having moved so many times during the course of our lives together, it’s lovely to come back home to Poole.”