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14 September 2020

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Bourton on the Water Cotswolds

Rolling across central and south west England is the breath-taking landscape of the Cotswolds - arguably the most picturesque place in the UK. Stretching over six counties, the Cotswolds is home to dozens of cities, towns, and villages with unique characteristics. It goes without saying that whatever you’re looking to do in the Cotswolds, you will never run out of choice. Whether you’re looking for a leafy walk, attending an art festival or visiting a farm shop, the Cotswolds offers enjoyable activities no matter your interests.

With endless options to consider within easy reach of our Steepleton development, our Lifehosts have shared just a few recommendations for a day of exploring:   

The Venice of the Cotswolds

Envision honey-coloured cottages on the river, tiny tearooms and cobbled streets. You’ve just painted the picture of one of the prettiest villages in the UK, Bourton-on-the-Water. Less than 30 minutes away from Cirencester (the largest town in the Cotswolds), Bourton offers a wealth of attractions, shops, restaurants and cosy pubs.

Among many independent businesses in the area, Bourton Basket is a 50-year-old knitting shop welcoming quilters, crafters and dressmakers at the heart of the town. Get inspired for your next big project and source your knitting essentials from this friendly family-run business.   

We all love hearty dishes and sweet desserts, but what’s better than presenting your masterpiece from the kitchen on fine cookware? Cotswold China & Cookware offers a large selection of china, gifts and kitchenware seven days a week.

After a day of shopping, there’s nothing better than sitting in a cosy café sipping on your afternoon tea. One of the best places to do so is Bakery on the Water, currently operated by fourth generation bakers Camila and Matt after Camila’s family started the business in the 1970s. This family-run bakery serves freshly brewed coffees and delicious pastries baked daily on the River Windrush.

Walks along the Cotswold Way

The natural beauty and historical landmarks throughout the Cotswolds is what attracts 38 million visitors each year. However, if you’re looking for the best-of-the-best and the most charming among the most charming, the natural trail of the Cotswold Way is the way to go.

The 102-mile trail is best known for its glorious overview of the Cotswolds and an ideal route to tick off in the region. A few enjoyable hours of strolling, the Cotswold Way rewards you with scenic panoramas and picturesque villages filled with pre-historic landmarks throughout the seasons.

While completing the trail in its entirety would be a challenge even for professional athletes, one recommended area is the Broadway Tower and the surrounding areas, a family-owned parkland full of great English heritage that never fails to make for a memorable day out. Offering a pleasurable stroll, you can choose from a range of activities such as a deer park or a guided tour at a nuclear bunker depending on the entourage that you’re entertaining on the day.

If you’re more of a history enthusiast, another frequently suggested area along the Cotswold Way is the site of the Neolithic burial chamber at Belas Knap. Believed to have been constructed over 5,000 years ago, the mystery burial chambers attract archaeologists, historians and the general public every year. There are many hypotheses behind the purposes of the site, why not pay a visit and put forward your own theory?

Discover unique museums

Perhaps less known compared to the Cotswolds’ unbeatable reputation for its breath-taking sceneries is the wide range of museums you can discover.  

There are more than 30 museums and art galleries spread over the Cotswolds. So, wherever your interest lies within, you’ll always find a place to satisfy your keenness for an educational trip.

Tetbury Police Museum & Courtroom is one of the main attractions for visitors of all ages in Tetbury. The attraction found its home in a former Tetbury Magistrates Court site when the court moved to a nearby town. To preserve the building as part of Tetbury’s heritage, the Town Council purchased the Victorian Police Station and Courtroom and repurposed it as a Police Museum.

Housed in a Grade II listed Victorian warehouse is National Waterways Museum, offering interactive exhibitions, cafes and stories that the communities lived and thrived upon. Through the refurbishments in 2008, the museum now also boasts galleries and features a collection of marine artifacts such as a collection of boats and tools.


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