Have a Haunting Halloween!

30 October 2020

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Haunt Bristol blog

As Halloween approaches, we explore the spooky side of Bristol – a city that is not only home to our The Vincent community but a place renowned for more myths, legends and haunting tales of the supernatural than anywhere in the UK.  

If you’re looking for a fright this Autumn, then read on as we uncover five of the most haunted places to discover…but are you brave enough?  


The Christmas steps

Making up part of the creative Christmas Steps Art Quarter, the old-fashioned street with its quaint and unique name, is one of the most picturesque in the older parts of Bristol. Although today it is a popular and charming shopping street full of art galleries, potteries, dressmakers and furniture, back in the 1660s, the steps were the original way up to the gallows. There have been reports of hearing the screams of people being led to their death and it is also rumoured that the houses on the south side of the street are built on top of an old cemetery. You won’t be blamed for taking the steps a little quicker next time you’re climbing especially at a later time of day!

The White Hart

The White Hart pub on Lower Maudlin Street originally formed part of an old church called St James’ Priory dating back to 1674 with the cellar further. Story has it that after a nasty brawl between the two brothers who brought the church and converted it into an inn, one was murdered with his body being buried in the cellar. Ever since the gruesome killing, stories of a spooky presence have been told of the brother who was killed haunting the building to this day.

Visit The White Hart to make your own conclusion and whilst you’re there the menu offers a delicious range of homecooked, traditional food.   

Dower House, Stoke Park

Dower House in Stoke Park is arguably one of Bristol’s most recognisable buildings which you won’t fail to miss when driving into the city via the M32. The large and very yellow Grade II listed house is believed to be haunted by one of its former residents, 17-year-old Elizabeth Somerset. After falling off her horse in 1760, Elizabeth broke her neck, and it is claimed that her ghost still rides around the park today. If you decide to take a stroll around the popular historic parkland and estate then keep alert  as you walk through as in recent years visitors have claimed to have heard galloping hooves, despite the fact horses haven’t been on the grounds for years.

The Rummer Hotel

The Rummer Hotel which houses a listed building in the heart of St Nicholas Market, is one of the country’s oldest coaching inns so it comes to no surprise that it has a harrowing past.

With historical figures like Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell among those who have propped up the bar over the years, the establishment is rumoured to be home to several spirits – and not just of the alcoholic kind! In 2007 a visitor witnessed the torso of a man standing in front of the open fireplace while they were enjoying a meal, while a ghostly young girl has also been seen there.

The hotel was the pioneer of the Bristol cocktail scene and today boasts an award-winning restaurant and cocktail bar offering exception food and drinks. A haunting hotspot you won’t want to miss!   

Bristol Old Vic Theatre

The famous Bristol Old Vic on King Street is Britain’s oldest continuously working theatre and has some eerie tales to tell from the many years gone by with sightings of at least two ghosts, making this historic venue renowned to ghost-hunters.

The first which haunts the front of house is said to be Sarah McCreadie, a Theatre Manager who worked there over 200 years ago. Sightings of her have often been accompanied by the smell of lavender.  The other ghostly spirit is of a man killed in an accident at the theatre who is known to move objects around backstage.   

The Theatre has recently restarted its programme offering the city to come together once again to enjoy and celebrate the arts – just don’t linger around the front of house too long!

For those looking for an immersive guided walk to discover a whole new side of Bristol then Haunt Bristol offers tours to discover the hidden heritage and spooky secrets of the city. For more information visit: visitbristol.co.uk/inspire/haunt-bristol


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