History Inspired Interiors

10 November 2020

Claude Hooper interior

The way our communities look and feel helps to transform how our homeowners enjoy life within the surroundings of their new homes. Quality of life is improved through design and decoration especially at the moment when we are spending more time at home, which is why we pride ourselves on working with some of the best, most creative interior designers to create welcoming and relaxing environments.

We partnered with Claude Hooper to create the beautiful show apartment and communal areas of our recently launched Jesmond Assembly community. Interior Designer, Carrie Edwards shares her inspiration for the designs:

Firstly, can you please tell us a bit more about Claude Hooper and who makes up the team? 

Established in 1972 as a furniture retail store, Claude Hooper is now one of the country's leading Showhome Interior Design companies. Today, our 40+ team comprises some of the most talented and driven people in the business from a variety of design backgrounds. Together, we strive to produce exciting, innovative, and current show homes.

What was your inspiration for the interior design at Jesmond Assembly?

We began our creative journey for Jesmond with the history of the old building, the area and Pegasus’ marketing strategy. We wanted the designs to be bold and memorable to help provide a sense of history whilst also being comfortable, inviting, and achievable.

We strive for our communal areas to be welcoming, how have you helped achieved this with your designs?

With the use of stronger warmer colours and metallic accents in our designs - we feel we have introduced a cosy and inviting feel. The communal areas at Jesmond Assembly are divided into definitive areas with specific uses. For example, the comfy library seating provides a cosy and quiet reading space, or the more open sumptuous Lounge area is perfect for communal gatherings. The use of velvet upholsteries and cushions to many of the seating areas adds to the luxury of the communal areas whilst the soft lighting with feature lamps creates cosy corners to relax.

We also used some marvellous local artwork and vintage photography from the area in the Marketing suite and communal areas which again, helped to draw in the rich history of Jesmond.

The colours have clearly been given a great deal of consideration – can you tell us a bit more about them?

We wanted the colours to have a rich, historic feel to them and to also make the apartment feel warm, cosy and inviting. The use of the burnt orange, greengage and ochre all help to achieve this. The large floral wallpaper panel in the dining area is truly spectacular and was inspired by the Victorian history in the area and creates a memorable talking piece.

What have you enjoyed most about working on this project?

It has been fascinating exploring and uncovering the history of Jesmond. We really enjoy being inspired by the history of the project, the building and the area as it always gives us lots of areas to investigate and start from.

Finally, what interior design trends can we expect to see this year?

This is a tricky question right now with the world around us changing so dramatically, however we do know that interior trends are all about being at home more and therefore making sure the spaces around us are homely, cosy and comfortable but also practical as we are needing to spend more and more time within our own four walls!


If you’re ready to start the next chapter at the stylishly designed Jesmond Assembly then get in touch with the team to find out more about the homes available. Call 0191 247 4463 or email [email protected]. Prices start from £300,000.