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23 May 2022

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Lorna and Peter from the Lichfield Civic Society

We recently sat down and caught up with Lorna and Peter from Lichfield Civic Society. We got to find out about the role the Civic Society plays in Lichfield and some interesting facts about this cathedral city. 

The Civic Society was founded on Friday 24th February 1961 at a public meeting held in the Guildhall after a big public outcry. The Civic Society contributes greatly to the City of Lichfield and they are confident that the historic city would be different today had members of the Society and other like-minded people failed to make their voices heard.

Peter tells us we have been campaigning to retain as much of the city’s character ever since, hence these plaques which go back to 1983. Since this time we have awarded 12 of these with 3 more in the pipeline - it is a nice way of recognising the excellent quality of work from the architects who have designed buildings that today proudly stand in Lichfield. 

Can you please tell us a bit about the Lichfield Civic Society and your roles within it?

Peter: We are both committee members. I am currently the membership secretary and have been running the website for 10 years. 

Can you tell us a bit about the history of the site?

Peter: The family firm of Robert Bridgeman & Co. moved to the Quonians Lane site in 1892 and continued their trade as expert Stonemasons and Wood Carvers until merging with F. & E.V. Linford & Co. in 1967.  For over 100 years the Bridgeman company had a world-wide reputation.

Can you please tell us a bit more about the plaque?

Peter: The Lichfield Civic Society’s merit plaque is a ceramic plate awarded for the best architecture, conservation or landscape scheme in the city. Not all of them were brown like this one. 

As far as I know there are around 13 like this design. The penultimate one was back in 2014 in an old school building. This particular plaque was related to the windows in Quonians Lane. 

Does Lichfield hold many events?

Lorna: Yes we do, events have been going on for a long time. The City of Lichfield holds a large number of events throughout the year, there is something for everyone.

There is also a market around the corner on Lichfield Market Square that goes back a long time. The general markets are held on Tuesday’s, Friday’s and Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. There are a variety of goods available from fruit and veg, to flowers, to jewellery plus so much more.  

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Famous people of Lichfield

Peter and Lorna went on to tell us some more interesting facts about Lichfield as it is home to many famous people including Samuel Johnson. Born in Lichfield and attendee of the Lichfield Grammar School, he then went on to become a writer, critic, lexicographer, conversationalist, and became famous for his Dictionary of English. 

Another notable citizen Peter identified was Henry Salt who was appointed British Vice-consul in Egypt and was involved in shipping back lots of artefacts that ended up being sold to both the British Museum and the Louvre in Paris.

They told us a lot of famous people also went to the Grammar School in Lichfield and interestingly it was the first city the Queen attended to present the Giving of the Royal Alms.  

What do you love most about Lichfield?

Lorna: My daughter was born here and she always comes back here for weekends/ a holiday so I think that says something about Lichfield. 

Peter: We are living here with over 200 listed buildings dating back to the 14th Century. 

If you’re wanting to find out more about the Lichfield Civic Society, take a look at their official website: Lichfield Civic Society

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