Life is So Much More Relaxed at 23 Leyton Road

23 May 2022

Dallas Green

Dallas Green (85) had become used to living on her own since her husband’s death, but their four-bedroom house in Harpenden, that they had called home for 47 years, was beginning to become too much to manage. It seemed like a good time to think about downsizing. Dallas explains her journey of starting her new chapter in life at Pegasus’ 23a Leyton Road community.

“Our house in Harpenden was quite large with a garden and for me to manage on my own was becoming something I less and less wanted to do, but until I found out about 23a Leyton Road, downsizing was a vague thought that I knew I would have to do at some point. I was delivering a Christmas card to a friend a few years ago, and quite by chance she showed me the brochure and told me she had already put her name down for a home at the development. Although it was still under construction, I was very impressed by what I saw so decided to speak with one of the sales team and signed up as well. As I was finding the house and the garden too much to manage, after ten years living there on my own, it seemed like a good time to move somewhere more manageable. It all just fell into place and the timing felt right for me.”

Mrs Green decided on a two-bedroom home at 23a Leyton Road, which being right in the centre of Harpenden was far more convenient compared to the home she was living in at the time, which was on the outskirts of the town: “One of the things that attracted me to 23a Leyton Road is the fact that it is so central, a two-minute walk to the shops and everything is within easy walking distance which is wonderful. Now I hardly have to drive at all, whereas before I was always having to use the car. We are opposite the park and close to the common, so I have been able to walk pretty much every day. I love the fact that I can live independently here in a very modern south facing apartment with a Juliet balcony in this incredibly convenient location.”

Mrs Green went to view 23a Leyton Road at quite an early stage of construction but what she saw gave her enough of an idea of the size her new home would be and the space it would offer, which fitted what she wanted. 

“Having viewed 23a Leyton Road, quite early on, I was in the luxurious position of being able to reserve the home I wanted off-plan so chose a South facing home which had a Juliet balcony. There is also the lovely sunny central courtyard which the shared lounge and hobby room opened onto. 23a Leyton Road simply suited what I wanted and to me felt like the right choice, and proved to be from the day I moved in. As I moved in just before Christmas 2018, I decided to stay in my new home over the festive period rather than go to family and by Boxing Day I had been invited to have a lovely lunch with a couple who had only just moved in too. I knew a couple of the other owners, but it was immensely friendly from the word go. 

The importance of a friendly, safe and secure community is central to all Lifestory’s later living communities. At 23a Leyton Road, Dallas has found all three: “I am very comfortable in the apartment which, coming from a much larger house, did not feel at all cramped. I had lovely neighbours where I lived before, but living alone, in a large more isolated house, sometimes days would go by when I would not speak to anyone. Here, there is a very welcoming atmosphere amongst all of us owners and as a small community we bump into each other, and the internal telephone is wonderful.

“The busy social aspects have been marvellous. We had one or two events every month and if someone had a birthday, we would celebrate with a birthday tea. There were special evening meals and ladies’ lunches which you could join in with as you wished.

“I have various interests too, many of which I have taken up since I retired from teaching in 1984, like art and I started playing the piano again, I have a keyboard here which I can play, and I took up painting which is a great pleasure and before lockdown I was regularly using the hobby room to paint. Living here has been a great boon for me for all sorts of reasons not least when I broke my wrist last November. I do not know what I’d have done if I had been in my house on my own and without the Lifehost who was immensely helpful.” 

23a Leyton Road has become a place where Dallas truly feels at home: “I own a lovely apartment in a small and friendly community. I no longer have the responsibility for looking after everything and from that point of view living is more relaxed. Never a day passes without me seeing one or two of the other owners and I meet people I know frequently when I walk into Harpenden. I am extremely happy here.”


Leyton Road is a collection of one, two and three bedroom homes, well situated between Harpenden town and popular Rothamsted Park.  Prices start from £910,000 with rental options also available from £4,360pcm. For more information, call 01582 643721, email [email protected] or visit