Meet the Lifehost: Leanne Applewhite

24 February 2022

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Lifehosts are an integral part of our communities, bringing our homeowners and rental members together to make the most of independent later living.

For this instalment in our ‘Meet the Lifehost’ series, we speak to Leanne Applewhite who is currently standing in for Stacey Osborne whilst she is on leave, as our lovely Lifehost at our Renaissance Sandhurst community.


Can you tell us a little about your background and how you came to be a Lifehost?

I spent 15 years working in the care home industry but then after the pandemic, which had been really hard working in that industry, I decided I wanted a bit of a break from that environment which led me into this position really nicely. 


What is the community like at Sandhurst?

It’s very lively, interesting and a very friendly and welcoming environment. Already, in such a small space of time, I adore everyone who lives here, I would do anything for them. I’m actually getting married later this year and they’re already asking if they’re going to be flower girls and if I can do a drive by so they can see me on the day.

It’s a great community. We’ve got a lovely older lady here who’s 98 and everyone just loves her and we all look out for her. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no such thing as a typical day for a Lifehost, but that’s what makes it so fun. The job would be really boring actually if there was a typical day. The exciting bit is that there’s always stuff going on, issues that you need to help facilitate or fix or just be an ear for people to talk to. That’s the fun part - I love it.


What’s your favourite part of being a Lifehost?

Being able to spend time with my owners which I think was something that I was missing in my past roles. Whereas now, I have that time to sit down and have a cup of tea with people and not feel like I have to rush off. It’s the genuine quality time that I get to spend with people in the community and hear their stories.


Do you have any recommendations for things to do in Sandhurst?

We’ve got some beautiful walks to go on, lots of countryside and lakes all really close by and within walking distance. Then we’ve got the Camberley Theatre which is just a short drive up the road. My owners go there quite often and so do I. They’ve always got different shows on it could be a comedy night, a film night or a panto. We’re looking at all going together as a community one evening.


If you’re looking for a home with a strong sense of community and gorgeous walks on the doorstep, our one and two bedroom homes at Sandhurst could be the place to start your next chapter.

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