The decision to move to Renaissance Sandbanks Road took just 24 hours for one homeowner

27 January 2022

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For Andrea Johnston, the decision to move to Renaissance Sandbanks Road was one she made in just 24 hours after her first visit to the community!

“I moved into my apartment last Summer at the very end of June. I’d seen the apartments being built when I was driving past and we actually had my Mother’s 80th Birthday party in the hotel that was here in about 1990. After I had visited for the first time, I came back the next day with my brother and sister in-law and signed up then and there. So I signed on the dotted line 24 hours later and moved about five weeks after that!”

It was her first impressions of the community that helped her make such a quick decision.

“I was very impressed. I think when you first come in here it looks like a 4-star hotel. It’s very welcoming and very nicely furnished in the communal areas. It’s not just a blank space and work has gone in to make it look good. I’m also very impressed with the soundproofing as my flat is next door to the shared lounge. I’ve got a patio and even with the patio doors open I get no noise at all at the back. My only stipulation when I was moving was I had to have my own bit of fresh air, either a balcony or a patio and this was definitely my first choice.”

Since moving in, Andrea has also enjoyed becoming a part of the growing community at Renaissance Sandbanks Road:

“We’ve all said how well we all gel as a community and it’s great because you can socialise as much or as little as you want. Everybody gets on extremely well and the one thing you’ve got to make absolutely certain is that our Lifehost Karen can’t leave ever! I’ve heard about other places that have something similar to a Lifehost but here Karen not only runs it but she treats us like individuals and knows us well. She introduced things for the community such as ‘Walk & Talk’ in the park on a Tuesday morning, afternoon tea, and our Christmas lunch. 

“We’re also so lucky to have people like Shelley and Angela (Lifestory Sales Advisors) because they pop in and out and have become like part of the family as well. They’ll sometimes join us if they haven’t got clients with them or if they have got people they’re showing around they will all join us so we can talk to new potential residents.”

Andrea has lived in Poole for most of her life and knows the area very well, so the location of the community has been perfect.

“What I enjoy most about living in Poole is the variety, we’ve got the coast and countryside, and living here you’ve of course got the park which is a big attraction for this particular site. I still drive but there will come a time when I don’t. When I was looking at where to move to I was thinking about life after I have a car and I know that here we’ve got the bus stop close and nice walks in the park so the position as well as the building were two attractions.

On whether she feels she made the right decision to move to her Renaissance home she said:

“I think it’s a matter of pride admitting you live in a retirement community but I’m in my mid seventies and there’s people here that are younger than me. It made sense for me and I would certainly recommend it for anyone who is looking to move. It’s all worked out and I have no regrets over moving here. I couldn’t think of anywhere better than this and it's so central!”


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