Right sizing with Lawrie Cornish

03 April 2023

Pegasus Bath Leat 314

For many people, their home is one of the most important places, yet as they move into later life, their priorities and needs can change. This means that it is important to find a living arrangement that suits these changing needs, which is why many people are looking to ‘rightsize’. Rightsizing is when buyers, often aged over 55, release equity and move into a property that is the right size and better suited to their lifestyle needs, with quality of space and location as top priorities.

Buyers looking to rightsize and find a property that suits later life often look for key things, including on-site leisure amenities, quality outside space, good location with accessibility for travel and security of community. Pegasus developments provide buyers with these requirements and allow people to get the best out of a time of life when we can pursue our passions, live in comfort, and take better care of ourselves. Many feature high-quality wellness facilities and spectacular spaces for socialising and hosting, whilst all are set in beautiful surroundings, in some of England’s finest locations.

Although it’s natural to grow accustomed to a certain way of life, downsizing can bring many benefits. One of the main advantages of moving into a smaller property is the time that it can afford: When you have fewer responsibilities that come with the upkeep of a larger family home, you have more time to spend on things that are important to you. Many adults in later life use that time to travel, visit relatives or take up new hobbies.

Whilst moving may seem stressful, downsizing can provide stress relief in the long run. If you are currently managing your family home and even a garden, you have countless details to remember and keep track of. Removing these responsibilities can improve your satisfaction in life and reduce the stress associated with managing so many variables. Living in a Pegasus development means that many of the responsibilities that come with owning a  home are taken care of.

As well as providing many of these advantages, Pegasus developments most importantly provide security and peace of mind. Adults in later life who perhaps live alone or far away from other relatives can take comfort in the security that living in a community can provide. This way, you have the freedom to travel and enjoy life, all whilst knowing that your home is safe and secure and ready for you to return to.

Pegasus are proud to offer a variety of new and established communities, located across England from Newcastle to the South Coast. There are over 30 sites to choose from, set in a variety of gorgeous locations. Placing our communities close to amenities, green open space and transport links gives members the freedom to enjoy a rich local life, or to explore further afield for everything that British culture and countryside has to offer.