Snap Happy at Sandhurst Camera Club

25 March 2021

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Image credit: Richard Bullock

Sandhurst Camera Club is a community club which encourages locals to hone their photography skills and share tips and tricks with other passionate, likeminded individuals.

We recently spoke to Brian Horton, Publicity Secretary, to find out more about the club and how people can get involved.

Hi Brian, can you tell us about Sandhurst Camera Club and how it started?

Sandhurst Camera Club started in 2014 after locals with a passion for photography started posting their photos on the Sandhurst community Facebook groups. There seemed to be a lot of interest and since launching seven years ago, we now have around 50 members of all skill levels.

We meet fortnightly at Sandhurst Town Council Hall from September to June. Sessions include a mix of expert guest speakers, practical teaching sessions and friendly competitions, both internally and externally against other clubs at our skill level.

Where do you recommend in Berkshire for capturing the best photos?

Covid restriction have challenged us but we have found many great places on our doorstep. Yateley Lakes, Heath Lake in Crowthorne and Shepherd Meadows in Sandhurst have supplied some great wildlife and landscape photo opportunities. When lockdown lifts, there is also nearby Windsor and its parks, the River Thames, and many canals here and in Hampshire. You don't need to travel far to take great photos!

Do you have any top tips for those new to photography?

  • Don’t buy a lot of expensive kit as it will not necessarily make you a better photographer! Start with a phone or borrow a simple, easy-to-use camera.
  • Take a lot of different shots – it’s free to do and you will quickly learn what works.
  • Hold the camera firmly and brace your arms to form a triangle, to prevent camera shake.
  • Look carefully at what you’re photographing and try to fill the camera frame with your subject. Make sure to avoid any distractions like lampposts or bins if shooting outside.
  • The internet is a great resource to learn what to photograph and how best to improve your skills.

How can people get involved with Sandhurst Camera Club?

Our website has lots of great information about us as well as links to online exhibitions. We have an active Facebook group which welcomes non-members as well as an Instagram page.

Throughout lockdown, we have been running a full Zoom programme with fortnightly online meetings and training sessions on topics such as wildlife photography, black and white photography, and how to get the best from using the camera on your phone.

Our usual exhibition was cancelled last year because of the pandemic but we made an online video exhibition which can be viewed here:

Remember that photography does not have to be complicated. Just pick up your camera and start taking pictures every day. Practice really does make perfect!

For more information about Sandhurst Camera Club, visit


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