A house fit for a King

08 December 2020

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Built at the end of the 18th centuryHighgrove House has stood proud through the test of time with this astonishing house and grounds previously being home to many historical figures and now the private residence of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall 

We explore the history of the royal family home situated southwest of Tetbury in Gloucestershire:  

1796-1798: Highgrove House was built between 1796- 98 by John Paul and the Georgian neo-classical building is suspected to have been designed by Anthony KeckInitially commissioned by Josiah Paul Tippetts and his wife Mary Clark, the house remained with the decedents of the family until the 1860s. For the duration of the time the family resided in Highgrove House, it was mostly uneventful apart from in 1850 which saw a tragic accident including Mary Elizbeth Paul during a soiree.   

1864: Willian Yatman, a barrister, took possession of the house. Yatman was described as one of the ‘chief preservers of foxes and conducted many acts to help benefit Tetbury. In 1872, Yatman rebuilt the medieval spire of Tetbury church in honour of his son and in 1891 he paid for the rechanging of the bells. However, in 1893 a fire at Highgrove House destroyed much of the interiors, forcing Yatman to leave the property.  

1890sAfter a restoration costing £6,000 in the late 1890s by Arthur Michell the house was passed to his son Lt Col Francis Mitchell. Francis was Commander of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars and owned the house until after the Second World War, when he sold it to Lt Col. Gwyn Morgan. 

1956-1980During 1956 the house belonged to the Maurice Macmillan whose father, Harold Macmillan, had been the British Prime Minister from 1957 - 1963. Maurice sold Highgrove in 1980 so that he could spend more time at Birch Gove, his father’s Sussex Home.  

1980In 1980 the Duchy of Cornwall brought Highgrove House with the Prince of Wales moving into the estate as a resident for life. When he arrived the house and grounds had fallen into a state of disrepair, so the royal couple took much pleasure in restoring the house and its grounds to their former glory. 

Present DayAfter over 25 years of restoration and work, Highgrove House and its grounds have a range of beautiful gardens to explore. These stunning gardens each have a unique theme, ranging from the tranquillity of the Wildflower Meadow to the exquisiteness of the Stumpery. With five gardens to discover Highgrove House offers visitors some stunning views.  

The gardens are open from April until October each year where visitors can join expert guide tours to discover more about the history and inspiration behind the incredible gardens and how the Prince has transformed the landscape over the years. Visitors can also enjoy a champagne afternoon tea at Highgrove’s Orchard Tea Room.  


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