Why reserving off-plan was a great experience for one Bourne End homeowner

10 February 2022

Posted under: Media & Press Releases

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Nora Wright and her husband first made Bourne End their home in 1977. Over 40 years later when they were looking to downsize, they knew they wanted to stay in the area.

“I’ve always liked living in Bourne End but our old home was on quite a steep hill. I got to the stage where I was thinking about what would happen when we can’t drive. All the shops are downhill so the arrival of Renaissance was just meant to be! It was timed perfectly because the one thing we would not have done was move out of Bourne End. We like it so much. It’s such a lovely place to be so this was just right for us.”

They reserved their new home in our Wharf Lane community off-plan whilst the site was still under construction. 

“This was the first time we’ve ever bought off-plan and it has worked out well. We attended the off-plan launch held at the local community centre which was the first time we saw the plans and I think we were actually one of the first people to reserve a home. We were very impressed. That was enough for us to be absolutely sure we wanted to go ahead! I can’t remember there being anything along the way that caused us any angst of any kind. It went very smoothly and everyone was very helpful and supportive.

“Once the community was built and we were shown around for the first time, it was all well organised and the building work and the finish were impressive."

Although Nora hadn’t been able to see the community for herself when they first reserved their home, she was not disappointed.

“My first impressions were that the outside looked like a mansion house - not a block of flats. The interior of the lounge is sumptuous.  If I could move some of the chairs from the shared lounge I would! The lounge is a lovely, comfortable area. Everything about the place is quality. I know we pay for it but I don’t mind if you get what you pay for.”

It wasn’t only the appearance of the building that Nora has been impressed with, but the services on offer too.

“We moved in on the 4th December 2020 with the help of the complimentary Lifestory Homemoves service which was excellent. We couldn’t fault them. It was a super service. They were quite happy to work on and offered to come back later if we wanted them to. They did all the packing and unpacking! Anything to do with your apartment when you first move in - people are there to help. It’s also been great having a Lifehost here to deal with any problems. Lisa is excellent in this role.

Nora has found life at her new Renaissance home very enjoyable.

“I couldn’t choose just one favourite part. I’ve got a garden but I don’t have to garden and there’s always people around. If you want to join in you can come into the lounge and someone is bound to join you and start a conversation but you’ve got the privacy of your own apartment too. I feel very secure as well. I think there is an excellent entry system. The apartments themselves are well designed and are of very high quality. It’s just lovely. I should try and find something to complain about but I just can’t.”

If you are looking to enjoy village life, our Wharf Lane community offers a fantastic lifestyle set in a pretty riverside village – a jewel in the crown of Buckinghamshire. Get in touch with our team on 01628 918 145 or email [email protected]