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22 July 2022

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Susan and John Hak moved from the Isle of Wight to downsize to their apartment in Renaissance Sandhurst, Berkshire just three weeks ago to be closer to their family. In such a short space of time, they already feel settled into their new home and a part of the thriving community there.


“We had lived on the Isle of Wight for nine years and had originally moved there as the start of our retirement process. We had a three bedroom detached house on the island but due to being away from family and medical issues we took the decision to move back to the mainland.

“Susan originally found the community on Rightmove and we were visiting family during Christmas break, we came along for a visit. The moment we walked in the front door of the community we were sold! It was just so nice, comfortable and there was a lovely ambiance over the place - people were immediately very welcoming. Lynne gave us a grand tour and when we came in to see what is now our apartment, two hours later we had bought it!”

Even before they had moved in, the couple instantly felt welcomed into the community.

“We felt comfortable here straight away. Before we moved, I visited one day during the Jubilee with my daughter and granddaughters to measure up for the curtains and they were having a big party downstairs. When we walked into the community, it felt like we were already part of it. People were asking if we’d like a drink, helped us to take measurements and we joined them in the shared lounge and were chatting away. I was thinking this was too good to be true.”

After receiving two offers on their home in the Isle of Wight, they moved in on the 15th June 2022.

“We feel very at home here already, like we’re amongst friends. Everybody has been really kind, in fact we met one lady yesterday who told us she was moving in tomorrow and she felt comfortable to do that, to walk up to us and have a chat and that’s how it is here. We also love the community activities; I’ve never had such a busy social life! I’m ticking them off, keep fit class on a Monday and Friday, Saturday night drinks, Friday night games night and French club. 

They’ve also been particularly happy with the change of location.

“Living here, everything is on your doorstep and it makes a big difference. Knowing we’ve got support around us, family nearby and of course we’re right on top of the M&S! What else could you want? This is the kind of place where you could grow old and still be truly happy.”

Their decision to downsize from a three bedroom home to a Renaissance apartment was also not a difficult one.

“For us, downsizing wasn’t a big adjustment at all. The great irony is, the rooms in this apartment are bigger than the ones we had in our home in the Isle of Wight. You also get to the stage in life where you’re only really living in a few rooms, so it wasn’t a hard move, in fact I didn’t find any of it hard. I was just so pleased to be able to have a simpler life, be nearer the children and not have to worry about the stairs!

“A big question for us before we moved had been ‘could we fit the family in here’. Well they’ve now visited twice and there’s no problem at all. We had eight of us here sitting and watching the Wimbledon final and it was lovely. We can live our full family life but also live amongst friends.”

They’ve also really enjoyed getting to know Lifehost Leanne.

“Leanne is just fantastic. She has the right touch and everybody here likes her. The way she treats people is lovely and she’s always got a smile and time for a laugh and conversation. She cheers you up when you see her and you know that if you have a query or something that needs to be sorted she’s onto it right away and ensures everything is kept straight, neat and clean always. The shared areas are beautiful, you never go down and think, that needs sorting, because it’s already done.”

The couple feels very much the same about their own apartment.

“The quality of the building is exemplary. Our kitchen is perfect, we love the appliances and it's safe to say we’re very happy. I think we realised pretty quickly this was the apartment for us. Whenever we sit in our lounge, we can hear the chit chat from the shared gardens. It wouldn’t be for everyone which is why there’s lots of different homes available, but we really like it because we’re chatty ourselves. It’s nice to us, to hear people downstairs having a laugh together and they do believe me, late afternoons everyone is down there having a lovely time.

“We would say to anybody who’s not sure if it’s the right move - and to be completely honest we weren’t sure at first - is that you will not regret it! Perfection really does happen sometimes and this is it for us!”

Renaissance Sandhurst


A collection of 42 spacious apartments set in beautifully landscaped grounds. Sandhurst is equipped with fabulous communal facilities including a shared lounge – where weekly coffee mornings are held – and a guest suite for hosting friends and family. 


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