Relocating to Berkshire

21 April 2022

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Website testimonial image Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson made the move to Renaissance Wokingham in December 2021, to be closer to his family. It was a decision his daughter had been in support of for years.

“My daughter lives in Woodley, which is nearby and often comes through Wokingham. She’d seen this community and had always thought that it would be really nice if I moved here. She works for a local theatre and as it happened, one of the homeowners who lives here, Ken, was at the theatre and had a conversation with her. He’d mentioned he lived at Renaissance Wokingham and she told him that she’d been wanting me to move here for a couple of years now. He said that it was fantastic, the people here were amazing and that she must recommend for me to do so.”

At that time, Mr Thompson was living about an hour away in Andover, Hampshire. 

“In September, I slipped, fell and broke my hip and I was in hospital for about five weeks. When I came out I couldn’t drive so life became more and more difficult; anything I needed my family had to drive down. I wasn’t able to view the community myself, but my son, who lives in Spain, and my daughter came along to have a look. There had been two apartments available and they said to me ‘Dad this is the one for you, it really is’. It was near the town, from what they’d heard the people seemed super, and it would suit me down to the ground. My children were so positive so that was it, we started the ball rolling from there.”

He chose to Rent to Buy his new apartment so that he could move in quickly without needing to wait for his home to be sold.

“I started renting here in December. My house in Andover is now just about to go on the market and then I shall buy my home here. I couldn’t be happier, the sooner I can purchase, the better! During the move, the Lifestory Homemoves service was excellent. They packed us up in Andover one day and then the next morning they were here and they moved me in. It was done very efficiently, they unpacked everything I wanted them to.”

Since moving in, Jack has enjoyed becoming a part of the thriving Wokingham community.

“On my first Wednesday here I joined the weekly coffee morning and everybody was so friendly. They were really interested to get to know me and we all sat around chatting. This Friday, we're having a concert because one of the homeowners, Terry, is a member of a ukulele group, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ve got the Queen’s Jubilee coming up in June so we’re organising something for that too. It’s a great community, people are so friendly and ready to help. We have a Birthday tradition too, so whoever’s birthday it is brings the cakes and we all sing Happy Birthday to them.”

Mr Thompson has also been very pleased with his new mezzanine apartment:

“I’m on the second floor and I’m on the front so I look out and can see the road, see people and the sun beats in. My home in Andover was a 5 bedroom detached house so I definitely downsized and yes, the apartment is smaller but it’s only me who lives here and it's much easier to manage. My bedroom is super, I’ve got a lovely Juliet balcony and my son, his wife and their daughter have already come over to visit me from Spain and they sleep on the mezzanine level so it works perfectly.”

The most noteable change in his life since relocating to Wokingham has been being able to spend more time with his family.

“One of the things I really enjoy here is having my daughter and granddaughters nearby. I really feel like I’m near the family now which I didn’t have before. It’s a lovely feeling all around and they are all so happy for me. They’ve asked why it’s taken me years to do this.”

Jack has been delighted with his decision to move to a Renaissance community and is looking forward to the future.

“I’m full of positivity. I haven’t thought for one moment whether it was the right decision or not, it hasn’t crossed my mind at all. I’ve got everything I want and need here, what are the negatives of living here because I’ve not found any! Weather wise, I moved at the worst time of year, so now as the weather is getting warmer it’s lovely. Last week I sat in the shared lounge with the doors open and I’m looking forward to doing this more often in the Summer. Moving here is the best decision I’ve made; I’m really happy.”


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