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No Exit Fees

07 May 2024

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With a long-standing reputation as a developer and operator of later living homes, Pegasus Homes has throughout the decades played its part in providing and improving the choices available to people hoping to downsize and simplify their lives.

We are dedicated to creating communities that allow people to get the best out of a time of life where they can pursue their passions, live in comfort, and take better care of themselves.

Today, we continue to create fantastic homes and strong communities with wellness in mind. Featuring high-quality facilities and spectacular spaces for socialising and hosting, our homes are set in beautiful surroundings, across some of England’s finest locations.

When it comes to choosing whether to move into a later living community, there are a number of questions to consider: Where do I want to live? What kind of community do I want to live in? What facilities and services are available and important to me? How much space do I want to have? One, two or three bedrooms? Is communal living for me? Answering each of these is central to making the best decision when choosing a new home for your next chapter.

We also know that finances play a significant role, whether that is the initial purchase or the ongoing costs. Often, it requires looking further into the future: what if I decide to move again? What will the impact be on my family on my passing?

Later-living communities can tackle a lot of these questions head on, with a breadth of choice and flexibility that helps make your next chapter as hassle-free as possible and the right fit for you.

We believe that when you choose to sell, or when your family is dealing with your estate, the costs that you are going to incur should be clear from the outset, not subject to variation during your stay. That is why, at Pegasus, we choose not to charge event/exit fees.

We’ve heard too many stories about homeowners or their families who are surprised at how much is payable to the operator rather than to the homeowner or their estate. We believe that when you choose to sell, or your family are dealing with your estate, the costs you are going to incur should be clear from the outset, not subject to variation during your stay. Event / exit fees can cost up to a third of the gross resale value of a later-living property. For us, that’s not good enough. That’s why, if you purchase a property with us, your home is 100% yours.

We feel strongly that making a Pegasus community your home should be a stress-free experience, that puts you at the heart of it.

That’s the one choice we’ll make for you.