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1. Flexibility

Renting gives you the option of choosing a home which fits your lifestyle; choose to downsize or find a home with like-minded neighbours at one of our Pegasus communities.

2. Freed up capital

Selling a home can free up money which can be invested. Investments often grow at a faster rate than the value of a property can appreciate, which can increase your overall income, on top of pensions.

3. Less Maintenance 

As we get older, sometimes it is easier to let the professionals take on the handiwork. If regular maintenance and upkeep is needed, renting allows you to leave these worries in the hands of your building management.

4. Fewer costs 

When it comes to the debate of owning versus renting, the affordability of renting can be an important factor to consider, such as the reduction in maintenance and regular upkeep costs when you choose to rent.

5. Peace of Mind

Choosing to rent means that you can move in straight away and removes the need to wait until you sell your home. Renting allows you to take the necessary time to ensure that you get the best possible price for your home and to do so at a pace that you are comfortable with.