Top tips for styling your coastal home

08 March 2019

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The prospect of a new home is an exciting opportunity; a blank canvas to shape into a space of your own to enjoy for years to come. Inspired by the English coastline, our Hortsley development in Seaford has been decorated to bring the colours, textures and nature of the seashore inside.

We asked Kate Griffiths, the interior designer behind the scenes on this development to share with us her interior design tips for creating a coastal interior style. Kate has been running her interior design company, A&I London, for over 18 years, working on a wide range of projects to bring comfortable and homely interior designs that compliment a building’s architecture and surroundings.

How did you go about piecing together the classic coastal theme at the Hortsley development?

The architecture of the Hortsley development, with its large glass window panes, creates a naturally light and bright space. With sunlight flooding into the building throughout the day, the space lends itself to a neutral colour palette of calming blues, greens, turquoises and jades, characteristic of the ocean. Once colours had been chosen, layers of texture, throws, pillows and soft furnishings, were added to make the development to feel homely and comfortable.

When styling the communal areas, we wanted to create a welcoming and friendly multi-functional space. A key element of the design process was being clever with furniture, keeping pieces light and accessible rather than using anything that looked dark or heavy. For the curtains in the lounge, we chose an ombré fabric to reflect the shift in sunlight throughout the room over the course of the day.

The Ro Chair by Fritz Hansen

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to style their own PegasusLife home?

Before you choose colours, furniture or furnishings, think about your habits and what you like to spend your time doing. For example, if you enjoy reading, crafts or watching television, start by considering feature seating as a priority. Try the Ro by Fritz Hansen, a classic chair, designed not only to look good but to feel comfortable.

Next, think about how you socialise. Do you need space for friends and family? Think about bringing in a comfortable sofa to compliment your chair. Look for key pieces of furniture first, thinking about how they will work in your space. While many pieces are aesthetically pleasing and would look beautiful in your home, remember to take a function-first approach to purchasing. Is the furniture comfortable, practical and in a style that you like? 

Once you have chosen furniture, start to think about layers and textures; throws, rugs, cushions and home accessories. Play around with mirrors to brighten a space and be sure to make space for personal details, prioritising items that you have collected over time that bring back fond memories. Think about families of art that you own and where they could hang. For example, you could group family photographs together to create a gallery wall.

How would you bring a coastal theme into your interior design process?

When looking to create a coastal feel, think about layering neutral colours and textures. Choose natural fibre materials and soft hues. Coastal interiors should be light, bright and breezy so be sure to prioritise areas of blank space. Light woods and textures characteristic of Nordic interiors work well alongside natural fibres.

Bring the rugged nature of the English coastline in through the use of texture. Consider the feeling of the beach, the sea, the sand. Instead of using flat layers of linen, as you might use in Ibiza or the Balearics, use a range of textures through fabrics such as pillows, cushions and cable-knit throws. These layers provide warmth and comfort whilst keeping you connected with the environment. Rather than choosing a heavy, upholstered chair, select rattan then layer with cushions, a throw or sheepskin.

Can you recommend any shops or places to find interior inspiration?

For interior inspiration, try online websites such as Pinterest, pick up a magazine or visit a homeware store. Think about pieces that work together within the same collection. Shops such as John Lewis & Partners, Nordic House, Cox & Cox and M&S all offer great pieces designed to complement each other. 

Think about your own personal taste. What style do you like? Where do you feel relaxed? You could perhaps take inspiration from your favourite hotel or restaurant, or look out for styles you like in a friend’s home. Remember that layers and accessories can always be added at a later date.

Picture yourself enjoying life by the ocean in one of our coastal developments located around the UK shores. Each home has been designed with beautiful architecture, streamlined design and utmost comfort in mind. Find your dream home in our community today.