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Our Approach

Our approach

Our Pegasus and Renaissance developments provide the perfect balance of independence and togetherness, allowing age exclusivity to create communities of  people redefining their later years. In resolution of a negative societal impact on older people, related to both mental and physical health, we are at the forefront of a changing narrative, prioritising our customers' holistic wellbeing as integrated members of a new community. Our later living development offer more than a home in an ideal location; we tailor lifestyles to our homeowners' and tenants' desires, setting the scene for the next chapter of their lives as part of our extended family. 

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'I own my wonderful cottage where I can retreat and take full advantage of all the social areas where activities take place, or where I can catch up with my neighbours without any of the responsibilities I once had like looking after a large garden or dealing with broken boilers.'

Mr Hillier

Holmwood Owner

Heritage and context

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No site is a blank slate. Each has a history and character that is sensitively incorporated into the community. We preserve listed buildings and monuments, and mature trees and native wildlife on our sites, allowing them to bring unique qualities to each community.


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Our architects see their work enhancing the existing built environment. They research local vernaculars, materials and history to shape their designs, gaining as much satisfaction from preserving past architectural gems as from creating new ones.


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We create buildings intended to endure for generations, so the quality of our materials is excellent throughout, from the exterior to the smallest interior details. With an emphasis on longevity, external materials complement the surrounding context, while interior materials contribute to tasteful and versatile environments. 

Creating Community

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At the heart of what we do is creating amazing communities. Each community not only adds to the lives of its members but also to the wider neighbourhood, knitting in to the fabric and spirit of each location. Inspired by the idea of the village green and the much-loved parks of London, our landscape designers create places that can be used by the wider neighbourhood, as well as the private grounds.

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Our six design principles help us to create homes of exceptional quality.

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The highest level of expertise is brought to all areas of our service.

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We strive to help people feel good in body and mind.