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Community Stories

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Is there a better way to know what it is like to live in a Pegasus community than by reading the stories of those who live there? 


We love getting to know Pegasus homeowners and rental members while listening to their stories on what led them to move into their new homes. Each story is unique to their lives and the journeys they have taken, however, the one common theme is that they are happy with their decision. 

Below you'll find a selection of the stories from across Pegasus communities. 

Stella Lupson

"I couldn’t be happier to have moved to a community where I can still maintain my independence"

- Stella Lupson, Homeowner

  Latheram House Cheltenham

Margaret Riggs  homeowner testimonial

"I really wanted to be part of a community but still have my independence and One Bayshill Road offers exactly that"

- Margaret Riggs, Homeowner

  One Bayshill Road Cheltenham

Steepleton Duplex Apartment

"We also used the Aprico service, they were very good, helpful, and very nice about how they unpacked for us”

- Susan and Simon Ellis, Homeowners 

  Steepleton Tetbury

Anthony Cordle  customer testimonial

"I settled on a particular mezzanine apartment, with views out onto the outdoor swimming pool"

- Anthony Cordle, Rental Member

  Steepleton Tetbury

Beryl Mather  customer testimonial

"This home ticks all those boxes, everything is brand new, so easy to keep clean and definitely worth waiting for!”

- Beryl Mather, Rental Member

  Steepleton Tetbury

Jill and Ray Lockhart Homeowners v2

“We are so glad we made the move to The Vincent. We feel this has been a gift at this stage of our lives” 

- Jill and Ray Lockhart, Homeowners

  The Vincent Bristol

Norrie min

“Holmwood is perfect in every sense for me as it allows me to enjoy an independent lifestyle from the comfort of my home"

- Norrie Carr, Homeowner

Woman sat looking at Tablet next to black dog

"In my experience, moves are usually traumatic, but this wasn't. It was totally fluid and pain free."

- Paddy Seligman, Homeowner